Stuff to do for a wonderful holiday in Goa

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Stuff to do for a wonderful holiday in Goa

The desirable atmosphere is hard to avoid, in Goa, with its sunny beaches, seafood, nightlife, parties, flea markets, majestic forts, and ancient churches. This is the ultimate destination to enjoy a variety of events both on land and on water. Unfortunately, when you check-in at your hotels in Goa, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do and see. Do you want any assistance in planning your route which includes all the best things to do in Goa?

Read on. A list of places, activities, and experiences to spend on your beach vacation in Goa can be found here.

Goa's things to do:

1. Treat yourself to beach fun.
Think Goa and beaches are the first things to remember, right? One of the best things to do is to visit Goa's beaches where you can have a sunbathe, water sports, sunbathing, etc. There's a very extensive list of beaches in the north and south of Goa.

2. Discover Goa's magnificent forts
Goa has a number of magnificent forts that demonstrate the splendor, architectural beauty, and glorious history of this area. But the forts on Goa give you spectacular views of the landscape more than anything else.

3. Francis Xavier's Mummy visit in Bom Jesus Basilica
You wouldn't anticipate seeing a mummy in India unless you visit Bom Jesus basilica. This magnificent church, renowned for its brilliance in archaeology, is UNESCO's World Heritage Site in Goa. This 400-year-old structure, which is built in antiquity, features an unplastered exterior and painted interior. Mummified St. Francis Xavier's body remains hidden in silver robes, the main highlight of this church.

4. Visit UNESCO's Goa World Heritage Sites
Goa is both history and heritage and beaches and parties. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Goa bear witness to the region's rich colonial heritage. During these heritage sites in Old Goa, you can witness the spiritual and architectural grandeur for which the country is renowned.

5. Charge a Historic Temples visit
When it's time for a beach break and party, spend some time exploring Goa's majestic temples. Yeah, Goa has many beautiful temples ticking boxes for architectural splendor, spiritual glory, and harmony.

6. go pubbing and sweetheart
You can't be too close to the club or bar when you are in Goa, where you can relax with a favorite cocktail. Here comes our list of Goa's best discotheques and pubs

7. Wine and dinner as a local wine
The best way to find a place is said to be through its food. You can taste buds with a great deal of seafood, deliciously good food, and other delights when you're in Goa.

8. At a casino, try your luck
How about the luck of wooing on your trip to Goan? You will find her in the casinos in Goa. They are mostly swimming casinos around Panaji, a state capital, where you can find a world of fun, entertainment, and games.

9. Discover Water Sports Thrill
Goa beaches are a refuge for thrilling people. You will unleash the explorer on different beaches by practicing a range of water sports.

10. In the Goa State Museum, learn about the Goa glorious past
Would you like to find out more about Goa's interesting past and legacy? The Goa State Museum offers an impressive array of items and exhibits that captivates the Goa saga of the past. The museum includes more than eight thousand relics, including bronze art pieces, coins, Jain sculptures, and rock statues.

11. Visit the museum of naval aircraft
Have you ever wondered how the aviation industry in India has evolved? Plan a visit to the South Goa Naval Aviation Museum to explore the world of naval aviation. In addition to other stuff, you can take a look at some of the large showcase machines and watch short films at the museum's mini-theater.

12. Get a Dolphin Tryst
One of the fun things in Goa is to book a cruise and make an early morning date with dolphins on a deep blue Arabian bay. Yeah, indeed, in all its magnificent beauty, you will go on a Dolphin safari and watch the beasts dive inside and outside of the sea.

13. Testimony to Dudhsagar's stunning beauty
Dudhsagar is a majestic waterfall, dancing 1017 meters high. The greenery is surrounded by this quadruple waterfall. It appears that a sea of milk passes through the monsoons and offers a stunning view. The picturesque paths around this waterfall can also be walked.

14. Shop on the flea market in Anjuna
Shopping at the Anjuna Flea Market is something you must not skip if you collect knicks and souvenirs. A vibrant place with stalls selling all manner of items from handicrafts and fabrics to hammocks and jewelry is this popular weekly market. Live music and excellent food stalls add to the vibrant atmosphere of the venue. But you shouldn't fail to negotiate hard for a contract.

15. Go to the Mollen National Park on a Jungle Safari
The Mollen National Park is a green haven in Go away from the sunny and sandy beaches. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Shrine is the central area of the park. The best way to visit this park is to safari on an open jeep jungle. A number of mammals, reptiles, birds, and butterflies, including the Bengal tiger, sambar, leopard, spotted deer, etc. can be found here.

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