Pakistani society more superstitious than most western societies

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Pakistani society more superstitious than most western societies

Are you looking for why Pakistani society is more superstitious than most western societies
We not only aim to discover some significant superstitions but also aim to find the origins to those superstitions followed by the psychological response to those superstitions furthermore primary reasons will also be discussed upon in detail through which we will aim to make a connection between them and superstitions finally this report will highlight significant points which will provide crucial information in understanding of how a society can lean more towards being non-superstitious.

A superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance or the fear of unknown”. In contrast, there may be thousands of definitions aiming to explain superstition this is the definition that seeks to explain, however, to expand further its horizons fully we can state, that any belief born out of the fear of the unknown that includes irritational thinking and has no scientific explanation can be categorized under the umbrella of superstition. It is a belief that is contrary to what science proposes, as science provides reasoning and description of every individual factor that plays a role within our life, the events that take place, the situations we experience, and the outcome of those situations. In contrast, reasons explained through superstitions are irrational and may also be categorized under “foolishness”.

Psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Shane Frederick proposed a dual-process model that linked two cognitive systems in thinking and reasoning. They explained procedure one as being a fast and intuitive system that quickly responds to problems as they come forth. In contrast, they explained system two as slow and a systematic approach that uses rational reasoning to monitor the issues and to correct suggestions by system 1. According to this model, if system one does not understand an event taking place and produces a superstitious impulse, it will translate into our behavior if system 2 fails to catch that error; however, if system 2 sees that error, it will completely ignore the system one and relay on information by system 2. Therefore, it can be concluded that superstition is a product of two variables- system 1 that produces an error and system 2 that fails to correct that error due to lack of proper information. An example to better portray the understanding of this model can be, suppose a person supports Pakistani team however, he associates the victory of Pakistan upon a shirt that he deems to be lucky, now before the match system 1 will produce an impulse to that person that he needs to wear that shirt so Pakistan can win if remain uncorrected by system 2, this will become a part of his behavior however if system 2 corrects this notion that person will realize that Pakistan’s victory in a match has nothing to do with his shirt but with the amount of training and effort they have put in to win that particular match. This example clearly signifies the logical process and leads us to another factor amount of knowledge available in the mind of a person for system 2 to access. This leads us to another important factor EDUCATION

Education is the process of constantly striving and struggling to gain knowledge, to further expand its horizons we can say education expands and broadens a person’s mental capacity as he learns more through constant struggle. One of the leading issues regarding the spread of superstition is education, as mentioned above in science behind superstition system 2 accesses the information pre-stored, so the more information a person has access to that less will he be superstitious, furthermore, education is the process through which a person can understand things, through this a person understands why events take place and the reasoning behind them. An educated person will never believe the number 13 to be anything except for being a number furthermore, for him a black cat will be a result of genes and mutation rather than being a demon in disguise. So to summarize education it can be stated that education has a link to superstition those who hold a certain level of education associate events with rational thinking however one who does not hold education, will always fall prey to superstition, which is why education is mandatory when it comes to eradicating superstition.

Contemporary education is a key tool when it comes to the eradication of superstition however we cannot deny the importance of religion when it comes to superstition. Religion is a way of life and provides the true meaning of life which a person has to fulfill furthermore religion just as contemporary education provides logical reasoning to why certain events happen, however where religion and its teachings are not widely spread superstitious beliefs prevail, in ancient Rome, it was cries of a cat was considered an omen of death along and certain demons were said to take forms of certain animals which in that period were feared of and were deemed to be bad luck. In contrast, these beliefs hold no truth value or rational explanation they had their part in spreading superstitious beliefs. So it can be concluded that religion provides and broadens a person's mind providing reasonable explanation and where religious teachings are not widely spread superstitious beliefs prevail.

Lack of education and lack of widely spread religious norms give birth to fraudulent activities. This is how false or fake faith healers exploit people, but let's first understand faith healing. A faith healer is a person that has gained enough religious knowledge to heal another person spiritually and physically this process is also known as faith healing, compared to western societies people in the subcontinent rely on religious beliefs more than they do on scientific explanations and mostly contact faith healers whenever they experience any difficulty these faith healers then exploit those people by pushing them towards superstitious beliefs rather than providing rational solutions to their problems; these fake faith healers possess extraordinary information regarding general human psychology which makes it easy for them to exploit people and make them pay the highest amount they possibly can in exchange for their services.

When we aim to discover why Pakistani society is more superstitious than western societies the part culture plays is crucial in explaining this, Pakistan in 1947 was partitioned from what was known to be the subcontinent when people migrated to Pakistan from India not only did they brought a culture with them but also superstitious believes that were widely held by the people at that time which continues to expand throughout the Pakistani society thou the society has evolved and developed superstitious are still widely held as they have been introduced to us since the very beginning, a child first socializes with his parents who if hold superstitious beliefs may most probably and unintentionally pass it on to their children. Before Pakistan came into creation, the nation was divided into two religion as mentioned above lack of proper knowledge in faith can also boost the growth of superstitious beliefs and since the majority of the country believed in two religions with ongoing war superstitious beliefs were bound to excel which were used to spread false ideas in the minds of patriots but also in general public for the gain of a particular class.

In conclusion in this blog, we can state that the lack of education, religious education followed by fake faith healers and past background is why Pakistani society is more superstitious compared when compared to western cultures, as in western societies people tend to find rationality in almost every event they face and refuse to believe in irrational thinking which makes them less superstitious when compared to Pakistani culture. However, with the education rate rising and people becoming more aware of religion, the number of people who used to believe in superstition is declining rapidly. The perfect thought is developed when the sense arises with having a healthy education level, Strong communication skills, to consider this as an example. If you are running a business, you must know to deal with taking the right point. As the first rule of thumb is to read and then go-through Reviews any particular aspect and then take the right end of the decision.

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