Wasp Control Melbourne Is Now Simple With These Tips

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Wasp Control Melbourne Is Now Simple With These Tips

If you have heard a loud buzzing sound around your head, possibilities are that you have encountered or seen a wasp. It is also possible that you thought about a wasp deterrent after that. If you have spotted some of the wasps around your house, you should consider wasp control Melbourne right away. Though most of them do not sting, they generally have an unpleasant presence. So, let’s find out how you can keep the wasps away with a few simple tips:

Wasp-Repellent Plants
A great method to repel wasps from your house is to plant some wasp-repellent plants such as eucalyptus, thyme, citronella, wormwood, and spearmint. Plant them near your house anywhere, especially in areas where you have noticed wasps. Flowering plants such as geraniums, marigold, and more also deter wasps.

Soap and Water Solution
According to the pest control Melbourne experts, you can handle small hanging nests of wasps with a mix of 2 tablespoons of soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. You can spray this solution over the wasps and it will clog their breathing pores and make them dead immediately.

Wasp traps
These traps work by attracting these insects in a container containing a tempting treat such as sugar water and preventing the wasps from escaping. You can make this yourself in just 5 minutes by sawing a bottle’s top of a 2-liter bottle and then inverting it in the bottom.

Blend Essential Oils Together
Blend some drops of clove, lemongrass, and geranium essential oils to repel wasps naturally. You can also put this mix of essential oils in a spray bottle with a few teaspoons of dish soap and fill the remaining bottle with water. Shake it well. Spray the solution on wasp nests and ensure to look under eaves, porch roofs, and other ledges. Spray this blend in any places you have seen any nests or wasps previously.

Store Food Properly
Storing foods properly will help keep the wasps from visiting your house. While storing food, ensure that your food items are sealed adequately so that wasps can’t detect their scent. Wasps can also come due to the leftover pet foods. So, ensure to remove the clutter in a timely and dispose of the scraps properly.

Patch Up All the Holes
Another most efficient and preventative measure that can help keep wasps away from colonizing in your house is patching up all the holes and sealing every crack. It can be a small hole in your wall, a crack on the edge of the door, or a slit from the window screen. Irrespective of what it is, it is always best to patch them up as quickly as possible. Wasps like to build their nests in some hidden places and those holes can be used as their way in your house. But, if you have already found a hole or crack in your house that has a wasp nest, don’t patch it.

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