The 13 best things to do in the ICELAND.

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The 13 best things to do in the ICELAND.

This northern island nation is always a good idea to take a sweet break. Iceland, known as the Land of Fire and Ice, has many glaciers, most of which are the largest in Europe and are also surrounded by some of the largest volcanoes in the world. It's still on every traveler's wish list all over the world because it is rich in natural and geologic beauty. And if that includes you, read our tips below for you in this magnificent country, to have ideas about what you can see and expect!

List of Iceland's Best Stuff

1. See Hallgrimskirkja 360 views of the city
Considered the country's biggest church. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavík, is a must-see place to see. It is located on a small hill on a road full of stores, pubs, cafés, and restaurants. Because of its architecture, the church itself recalls a space shuttle from outside, it is something remarkable. It's just breathtaking the magnificent outside and the plain interior. The key highlight is the view from the tower of the church of 360 people from the entire city.

2. Be amazed at Waterfall Dettifoss
Dettifoss is not only Iceland's most powerful waterfall but across Europe. Her waterfall and strength, especially in close proximity, are utterly amazing and frightful. Masses of water will drop you into the abyss. But it's not so easy and complicated to navigate here, but certainly worth it!

3. Learn about Iceland's history at the Iceland National Museum
The museum provides an impressive panorama of Iceland's history. The show lasts from the settlement era to the end of the 20th century. The museum, which is partially classical, has some modern elements and the exhibitions are interesting. Furthermore, the museum has wireless internet access.

4. Perlan's Visit
Perlan is a wonderful immersive museum with an impressive display of Iceland's volcanoes, glaciers, and waters. You would love the Aurora display shown to you in the museum when you go here. Perlan has 360 views of Reykjavik, but not just this. Certainly a must-see spot!

5. Photograph the Hall and Conference Center in Harpa Reykjavik
I guarantee that as soon as you see Harpa will leave you in awe. Both outside and inside the building are interesting. The glass elements on the façade are like a kaleidoscope, the interiors are spacious and geometrically sophisticated, at times confusing patterns and perspective depending on the occurrence of light and weather.

6. Be shocked at the beach Black Sand
The beach of black sand is a place where you can not leave without any response. On a road trip to Iceland, this beach is a mandatory passage. The black color of the sand is simply outstanding. You can access basalt columns of extreme beauty on the right, on the left, through a beautiful black sand beach with natural arches. For geology and volcanology enthusiasts, but for those who enjoy wonderful panoramas, too, a very easy treat.

7. Testify to the North
In Iceland, it's a must to look at the Northern Lights! This occurrence is also known as the Aurora Borealis only in winter. Testimony to a real mystical wave of purple, green, and gold. These lights are, however, completely erratic and hard to capture. Remind yourself that you will end up waiting for it to appear. But if you're lucky enough, you're going to get one of your best lifetime experience!

8. See the wonderful scenery of the Hot Springs of Gunnuhver
In the western part of the Reykjanes Peninsula near the airport is Gunnuhver's geothermal zone. The moisture and the scent of sulfur must be applied when you visit. However, this ends your tour and you will know that Iceland is a very special volcanic island. The vast countryside and the hot springs give you a spectacular view.

9. Admire Godafoss's elegance
The Waterfall of the Gods is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful cascades in Iceland. In the 12-meter high rock move, the unspeakable waters of the Skjalfandalfljot rise. It's a genuinely awe-inspiring natural display. From both sides, you can get to the waterfall and park on the right and left. Many lovely hiking trails can also be found.

10. Enjoy your time in the nature resorts of Myvatn.
The hot baths are in the center of an active geothermal zone. This spot, far from the Blue Lagoon visitors, is a stunning landscape, a must-do place! Water is as milky as in the Blue Lagoon at the Myvatn Nature Baths but much less crowded, and much cheaper. Furthermore, you can walk far into the pool at night without lighting, which is particularly calming and calm.

11. The Blue Lagoon encounter cure
The opaque turquoise waters of the blue lagoon are one of the country's most popular thermals, and one of National Geographic's "25 Wonders of the World." This water is rich in silicone and has proven to cure skin conditions. Thirty-eight degrees of water temperature. It's wonderful, it is true there are many tourists, but a visit to the blue lagoon completes your trip to Iceland! It's true that it is great, it is true there are many.

12. Discover the canyon of Fjadrargljufur!
The canyon is approximately 100 meters deep and 2 km long. The lane is a dirt road to be reached. A fenced trail on steep sites, partially overgrown with mats, with many observation platforms along the canyon, was planned to protect nature. The canyon, including the various picture breaks, should be visited for an hour.

13. See the Husavik Whale Museum for fantastic exhibits.
Wonderful architecture and highly insightful is the Whale Museum of Husayvik. There are also two documentary films that can be seen individually in addition to a 'natural' exhibition. The whale skeletons are very impressive too, and the animal's history and hunting are seen in photos, movies, and artifacts.

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